Abuse Isn’t Only Physical

Emotional Abuse

Sometimes abuse can’t be seen, yet it is far worse than any slap, punch or kick could think to be. This abuse is known as emotional abuse,  and every single year more than 50% of all individuals are the victim of the crime.

A Look at an Unseen Type of Abuse

Emotional abuse hurts worse than being hit and it leaves scars that sometimes can take years on end to repair. Emotional abuse causes mental health disorders such as depression, PTSD and anxiety, as well as many self-esteem and confidence issues.


Children as well as teens and adults can  be the victim of emotional abuse. It can come from mom and dad, brothers and sisters or other members of the family just as it can come from a partner that you are involved with. Regardless who is responsible for the abuse it all hurts the same and can change your life forever.


Sometimes emotional abuse is shrugged off. Words aren’t supposed to hurt, so you’ve heard. Yet the do hurt, and they really hurt deep down where it can’t.  You think that the person who says these things was just upset and they really didn’t mean to hurt you. Medicines cannot treat the pain that is felt when emotional abuse is experienced. No matter how hard you try, emotional abuse eventually breaks you down.


Are you Being Emotionally Abused?


Sometimes it is hard to believe that you’re being abused if it isn’t a hit coming your way. But  the truth is, emotional abuse is just as real as physical or sexual abuse, and should be treated that way. Here are some of the signs that you could be the victim of emotional abuse:


·         You are ridiculed for things that you do

·         When an argument insinuates, your partner always says that you are to blame, even refocusing the attention to something that you’ve done.

·         You are called names or made to feel worthless or helpless

·         You find it hard to talk to your partner about everyday things

·         You are limited on the amount of time that you can spend with family or friends or told they are ‘no good’ for you or trying to interfere with the relationship.

·         You feel nervous or anxious about how your partner will react to ordinary situations in life

·         You are criticized

·         You are yelled at

·         Embarrassed in front of other people


These are only some of the signs of emotional abuse, though they are among the most common. If you are experiencing any of these signs it is possible that you are the victim of emotional abuse. For more signs of emotional abuse, make your way to this guide.


If you feel that you are being abused in any manner, do know that there is help out there. Everyone deserves the right to be treated with love, dignity and respect, whether it is from parents or a lover.  Emotional abuse is abuse! Do not allow yourself to be a victim. Know the signs and get out of the situation!